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You’ve Been Charged with DUI; What Do You Do Now?

If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) then it’s natural to wonder what to do next. If it’s something you haven’t gone through before, the next steps can seem confusing and a little bit scary. Every year roughly 1.5 million arrests are made for drunk driving. What are the first things Read More

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Violations: What are the Potential Consequences of Probation Violations?

If you violate the terms of your probation, then the judge has the right to sentence you to time in prison for the maximum amount of time you were facing on your original charge. For example, if you received probation for a third degree felony and you violate it, you are facing a possibility of Read More

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Drug Crimes 101: What is the Difference Between Drug Possession and Drug Trafficking?

In the state of Florida, all types of drug crimes are met with severe charges and equally severe consequences for those found guilt. However, there are several offenses that may be difficult to fully understand. The specific substance, the amount a person has, the other items discovered during the search and any statements made by Read More

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Criminal Law: What You Need To Know About Resisting Arrest

When you’re arrested, there are usually two ways things can go: You ask the police officers why you’re being arrested and allow them to take you into custody, or you forcefully resist arrest, because you believe the police do not have probable cause. It is the second scenario that can get you in trouble, because Read More

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What You Need To Know About Criminal Law and Riot Charge Defense

What happens when a peaceful protest turns into a riot that requires a massive police presence to restore peace? In many instances, criminal law requires that the person or people responsible for triggering the disturbance are prosecuted with a charge known as “inciting a riot.” And remember that you don’t have to actively participate in Read More

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Criminal Law: What Is the Art of Discrediting a Witness?

After you’ve been arrested and charged with a felony, you may have to go to trial if a plea bargain is not reached. During a criminal trial, it’s common for the prosecution to call witnesses to testify against you, but it’s also common for your defense lawyer to cross-examine these witnesses. And in criminal law, Read More

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Your Son Has Criminal Charges In a Fistfight. What Do You Do?

Newspapers are filled with stories of underage boys who got involved in an altercation that lead to a fatality and criminal charges. And what’s worse is that in many of these instances the person responsible for the other person’s death did not intend to take things that far. If police have arrested your son for Read More

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5 Types of White Collar Crime

There are many different types of crimes that may result in a prison sentence. However, while most of the time we think of crimes like robbing a bank, theft, burglary and even murder, there is also a whole world of non-violent crimes called white collar crime. A white collar crime is often one where the Read More

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Domestic Violence Charges: Can I Go To Jail?

Domestic violence is something that most people can describe but is much more difficult to define in legal terms. And as a result, people accused of this crime are often at a loss as to whether they can actually face jail time for an incident. First, it’s important to understand there is no criminal charge Read More

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Common Types of Crime in Miami During the Summer

Criminal defense attorneys in Miami – and elsewhere in the country – often see seasonal trends in what’s happening within a city. Crime trends can go up and down due to various factors, but one is the approach of a given season and the changes that it brings. When it comes to crime in Miami, Read More

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