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Embezzlement is a white color crime that involves the mishandling of funds for an organization. Often accountants, managers and company owners are the ones charged with embezzlement. But, to be charged, the prosecutors must prove that the individual took or redirected funds for their own personal gain.

If you have been arrested for embezzling, you need an attorney by your side. Not only does the accusation threaten your career and livelihood, but it could carry significant repercussions that could ruin your future. Even just an investigation for embezzlement carries serious consequences.

By having an experienced Miami embezzlement attorney by your side, you can protect your best interests and avoid any negative effects.

Property Involved in Embezzlement

Embezzlement does not just involve cash or bank accounts. Any type of tangible or intangible property can be embezzled. That includes jewelry, office equipment and even stocks or bonds.

The Burden of Proof

Unfortunately, the burden of proof does not fall on the prosecution – it falls on the defense. Prosecutors do not need to prove that you did not have consent to take the funds or other property. All they need to prove is that you intentionally used or took the property for your own personal gain.

Penalty for Embezzlement in the State of Florida

In Florida, embezzlement is charged as petty theft or grand theft. The charge will depend on the value of the property stolen – and that value will also determine if the charge is a misdemeanor or felony.

But, both carry extreme penalties that could significantly disrupt your life. From 60 days imprisonment up to 30 years imprisonment and anywhere from $500 to $10,000 in fines.

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