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Miami Federal and State Criminal Defense Lawyer Paul J. Donnelly is experienced with defending those accused of breaking Florida state and federal laws. Attorney Donnelly has recently been admitted to the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. With over two decades of experience as a Miami criminal defense lawyer, Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., offers his clients well-honed knowledge, a record of success in defending clients against serious federal and state accusations, and a dedicated passion to ensuring his clients receive every benefit of the law. After graduating from Hobart College with Bachelor of Arts (1989), he earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law (1992). Upon graduation from law school, he began working as a trial attorney in the Miami-Dade County Office of the Public Defender. For a decade, he gathered essential experience to make him a preeminent defense lawyer.

In July 2002, he entered the private sector as a partner in the firm Donnelly & Miller, P.A., and in January 2004, he created the Law Offices of Paul J. Donnelly, P.A. Attorney Donnelly has been licensed in the State of Florida and Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 1992. He is also licensed in the United States District Court for Southern District of Florida and United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

During his time as a defense lawyer, Attorney Donnelly has worked tirelessly towards the benefit of those accused of state and federal charges. His experience in high profile cases, ability to argue cases and defend clients successfully in the most complicated of situations have made a premiere state and federal defense attorney.

Noted Cases:

Over the years, Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., has been involved in the successful defense of those charged with state and federal crimes. In each case, he has worked diligently to defend his client against a power prosecutorial team.
Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., has served as counsel in numerous federal cases of note, successfully defending in United States v. L. Price, United States v. M. Forrester, United States v. M. Daniel, and United States v. S. Gelula, amongst others. Of the numerous Florida cases he’s been counsel for some of those of note include State of Florida v. P. Pierre, State of Florida v. S. Wooden, and

State of Florida v. Z. Perry.

With a proven record in state and federal cases, a complete commitment to each client, and an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the state and federal courts, Paul J. Donnelly, P.A. is your choice when you need a criminal defense lawyer Florida.

Charges Dismissed

If a defense lawyer can get charges against a client dismissed before they are ever brought to trial, that attorney is certainly able to navigate treacherous waters and narrow straights. Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., has done so in numerous, high-profile federal and state cases, including those listed below.

United States v. Mr. R. H.

In the investigation of Mr. R.H., R.H. was served with a letter from the United States Attorney’s Office identifying him as the target of a criminal investigation. Specifically, R.H. was alleged to have committed securities fraud. After retaining Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., the government “declined to prosecute RH. After the government was instructed we would proceed to trial if they chose to indict him”. The government was told what our position was and the defense to the case, and the government declined to seek an indictment by the grand jury.

State of Florida v. M. F.

M.F. was charged under RICO with other family members in an organized scheme to defraud insurance companies. M.F. retained the services of Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., and Attorney Donnelly was able to convince the State Attorney that she was not part of the crime or of organized crime. The State Attorney agreed and dismissed all charges against M.F.
State v. Mr. T.J.

Mr. T.J. was charged with second degree murder with use of a firearm. Mr. T.J. faced life imprisonment with a minimum-mandatory sentence of 25-years. Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., worked the case thoroughly, and on the eve of trial, the State Attorney’s Office dismissed the case. Mr. T.J. was released from custody.
Many other times Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., has been instrumental in getting charges dropped before a case ever went to trial. Thoroughly involved in every step and part of the legal process of each of his clients, he is constantly striving to attain the best possible outcome.

Professional Organizations

Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., is committed to professionalism on every level. He’s an active member of numerous national and state legal organizations, as are many of those who are part of his team. He upholds and exemplifies the standards set by these groups and is an involved member on many levels.

Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers – Miami Chapter, and the Miami-Dade County Bar Association.

Practice Areas
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Firearms & Weapons
  • Identity Theft
  • Wire Fraud/Mail Fraud
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Visa/Passport Fraud
  • Illegal Reentry
  • Target Letters
  • Probation Violations
  • Embezzlement
  • Money Laundering
  • Bank Robbery
  • Rule 35 Motions