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Non-Florida Resident Arrests in Miami

If you’re visiting Florida and are arrested, the criminal defense attorneys at Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., in Miami are ready to represent you. Being arrested in another state can be especially stressful, as you’re often without the support structure that you have at home, including access to a lawyer you know. Our team members will work closely with you to ensure you’re treated fairly and to expedite the judicial process.

Your Rights

In the State of Florida, the team at Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., believes that it is important that each of our clients understands his/her rights. If you are arrested, we will make sure that your rights have not been violated, and that they are preserved.

Included in this area of the law are your rights against unwarranted search and seizure of property, your right to not be compelled to testify against yourself, which includes your Miranda rights, and your right to due process of law, which secures that you have access to and receive a fair trial.

Miranda Warning

If you are arrested in Florida, law enforcement officers must give you a Miranda warning, which informs you of specific rights that you have after being arrested. These include the right to remain silent and to know that anything you say and do during questioning may and will be used against you in court. You also have the right to consult with a criminal defense attorney and to have that lawyer present during questioning.

If you are arrested, you should always preserve your Miranda rights. Utilizing the services of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer immediately upon arrest will benefit you greatly at that time and throughout the entire judicial process.

Cooperate with Authorities

It is important to cooperate with authorities if you are being placed under arrest. Cooperating includes giving them your name and address and, in no way, physically resisting arrest. Not cooperating can lead to further charges and can greatly complicate your case, making a simple problem into one that is much more difficult to solve.

Settling Your Case for You

One of the major concerns for those who are involved in a non-Florida resident arrest is that they will have to travel back to the state for a trial. The fact is that in many cases a Florida state attorney can settle the matter without you having to take the time and expense to travel back to the state.

Thus, once arrested, it becomes important to contact a local lawyer, such as the team at Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., quickly, allowing us to work with you and guide you in the proper manner, helping to chart your best course of action.

Contact Us Today For Criminal Defense Attorneys in Miami

If you or someone you are with or know is involved in a non-Florida resident arrest, contact the team at Paul J. Donnelly P.A., Miami, Florida, as soon as possible at (305) 757-3331. We will provide you with fast, personalized legal representation, working to ensure that you receive and utilize every benefit of the law. Remember, in the State of Florida, as it is everywhere else in this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. We will aggressively battle for your rights and make sure you are afforded due process of law in the State of Florida.



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