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Miami Securities Fraud Defense Attorneys

The team at Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., in Florida, provides premium services to those who are accused of securities fraud. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is aggressive in its monitoring of the securities industry in the United States. If the SEC has focused its efforts on you or your company, then federal investigators and prosecutors will utilize their combined efforts and massive power to pursue any charges that they deem viable. Being confronted with such a scenario can be overwhelming. Knowledgeable, experienced, aggressive Florida Securities Fraud Defense Attorneys are necessary.

Are You at Risk?

Those who are at risk when it comes to securities fraud investigations and charges include corporate executives who appear to be involved in insider trading practices, investment brokers who may have engaged in investment fraud or have purposefully offered misinformation on securities, and business executives who are suspected of creating false accounting figures. Also, those who run investment clubs without a proper securities license may be possible targets of the SEC.

Securities fraud includes a range of activities, including manipulation of stocks, investment schemes, mutual fund fraud, and Ponzi schemes, wherein people invest through a broker who, rather than investing the money, funnels it to other places, cheating clients out of their cash. Internet, corporate, and accountant fraud are also a part of the securities fraud white collar crime area that are of interest to the SEC and federal prosecutors.


Even if you are a first time offender, if found guilty chances are you will go to prison for an extended period of time. Cases involving securities fraud may be pursued in both federal and civil court. Fines, repayment of funds, and other penalties are usually levied. The loss of license, inability to ever be involved in the securities industry again, and loss of business and job are all common consequences of having been found guilty of securities fraud.

Negotiating with the SEC

Federal investigation of securities fraud cases tend to be lengthy, as the government carefully builds its case. If you suspect or discover that you are the focus of such an investigation, then you must contact an attorney as soon as possible.

The Miami securities fraud defense attorneys at Paul J. Donnelly, P.A., in Florida, will work for you immediately. When an investigation is in progress, we can contact investigators and prosecutors and help ameliorate any damages that may occur. We may be able to negotiate a deal, in which charges are reduced or dropped, and mitigate or eliminate any damages to a client’s career.

If the investigation proceeds, we will represent your best interests throughout the process, handling all official correspondence, including subpoenas issued for business records or testimony, developing a strategy, and keeping channels open with federal officials. Securing competent and seasoned legal counsel will not only take pressure off of you, it will protect you from further charges that often accompany securities fraud cases, such as obstruction of justice or perjury.

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Miami Securities Fraud Defense Attorneys

Contact the legal team at Paul J. Donnelly P.A., in Miami, Florida, if you believe you may be the subject of a securities fraud investigation or if you have been charged. We will get to work for you immediately, always representing your best interests, and aggressively pursuing any legal avenue that may lead to charges being dropped or lessened, or, if your case does go to trial, to an acquittal. Call us at (305) 757-3331. We’re ready to defend you, protect your rights, and ensure you receive justice.




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