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Can You Face Federal Marijuana Charges in Florida and when to Hire a Criminal Lawyer

There is no question that the United States has come quite far in regard to marijuana laws in recent years. However, for those who are a fan of this plant, the situation of using it is a bit more difficult than they may think. While there are some states that are making the use of Read More

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What Are the Most Common Holiday Crimes At Shopping Malls In Florida?

The holidays often bring a festive spirit, but they may also be at time when shoppers are most vulnerable to becoming victims of a crime. That’s because there are so many more people out shopping for gifts, which makes it easier for thieves to target this group. As you are out shopping this season, you Read More

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What is Exclusionary Rule and How Can it Help with Your Criminal Defense?

If you are charged with any type of crime, there is no question that it you may be facing an overwhelming and confusing situation. Keep in mind, this is exactly what the prosecuting attorney wants you to feel. However, as a defendant, you are not helpless. Just because there is evidence against you, which has Read More

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Preparing to Testify in Your Criminal Trial: Understanding How the Process Works

When faced with criminal charges, it is natural to want to take the stand and testify on your own behalf.  Most people, however, don’t realize testifying isn’t as simple as simply telling your version of events. Testimony is governed by the Rules of Evidence, the Rules of Criminal Procedure, and the local rules of the Read More

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Criminal Law: What Is the Art of Discrediting a Witness?

After you’ve been arrested and charged with a felony, you may have to go to trial if a plea bargain is not reached. During a criminal trial, it’s common for the prosecution to call witnesses to testify against you, but it’s also common for your defense lawyer to cross-examine these witnesses. And in criminal law, Read More

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5 Types of White Collar Crime

There are many different types of crimes that may result in a prison sentence. However, while most of the time we think of crimes like robbing a bank, theft, burglary and even murder, there is also a whole world of non-violent crimes called white collar crime. A white collar crime is often one where the Read More

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Domestic Violence Charges: Can I Go To Jail?

Domestic violence is something that most people can describe but is much more difficult to define in legal terms. And as a result, people accused of this crime are often at a loss as to whether they can actually face jail time for an incident. First, it’s important to understand there is no criminal charge Read More

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Common Types of Crime in Miami During the Summer

Criminal defense attorneys in Miami – and elsewhere in the country – often see seasonal trends in what’s happening within a city. Crime trends can go up and down due to various factors, but one is the approach of a given season and the changes that it brings. When it comes to crime in Miami, Read More

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Can You be Arrested for DUI if You Aren’t in the Vehicle?

In the state of Florida, you may be arrested for a DUI even if you aren’t seen driving or even sitting in a vehicle. The law states that a person may be found guilty of DUI if they were actually driving or if they were in physical control of a vehicle. In order to have Read More

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Potential Criminal Consequences of Shoplifting in Florida

If you are caught shoplifting in Florida you will face serious criminal penalties, which may include fines and time in jail. Additionally, shoplifters are often sued for damages in civil court by the victimized merchants. Laws Related to Shoplifting in Florida In Florida, shoplifting is called retail theft. The theft can occur in several ways, Read More

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