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What Are the Most Common Holiday Crimes At Shopping Malls In Florida?

The holidays often bring a festive spirit, but they may also be at time when shoppers are most vulnerable to becoming victims of a crime.

That’s because there are so many more people out shopping for gifts, which makes it easier for thieves to target this group.

As you are out shopping this season, you should be aware of the most common holiday crimes at shopping malls in Florida and how to prevent them from happening.

Common Holiday Crimes At Shopping Malls in Florida 

Pickpocketing is often charged as larceny, and is one of the common holiday crimes at shopping malls in Florida.

To guard against a pickpocket, women should ensure that they carry their handbags close to their chest, and that their bags are closed. They should also avoid leaving their bags in a shopping cart, even for a moment.

Men should make sure that they place their wallets in front pockets, which makes it much more difficult for pickpockets to steal.

Another common holiday crime at shopping malls in Florida is vehicle break-ins. Many mall shoppers leave gifts that they’ve bought in their cars, and if those gifts are in plain view, burglars may try to get into a vehicle to take those items.

To prevent this crime, place all gifts you’ve bought in the trunk of your car. If possible, you should also make one trip to the mall, so that once you bring your gifts to your car, you can leave the mall.

Mugging is another holiday crime that occurs at Florida shopping malls. This usually occurs at night in less-populated parking lots, where thieves lie in wait for a shopper who is headed to his or her car, and steal their money or the things they bought, under threat of violence.

You can help lower the chances of a mugging by shopping with one or two other people for more protection. If you are alone, however, you can ask a store employee to escort you to your vehicle, especially when you’re shopping at night.

Providing Help In a Time of Need

If you have been arrested for a holiday crime in Florida, or you are under suspicion for a holiday crime in Florida, you have the legal right to a defense attorney to protect your rights. Whether the facts will prove that you did not commit the crime, or whether there is the possibility of a reduced charge, the law office of Paul J. Donnelly, P.A. has the resources and experience to mount an aggressive defense on your behalf. Please call us today at 305-757-3331 to schedule a free legal consultation.

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