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Common Types of Crime in Miami During the Summer

Criminal defense attorneys in Miami – and elsewhere in the country – often see seasonal trends in what’s happening within a city. Crime trends can go up and down due to various factors, but one is the approach of a given season and the changes that it brings. When it comes to crime in Miami, local police and lawyers see certain kinds of crime trends that can have an impact on the local justice system.

Thefts and Burglaries: Summer Crimes in Miami

Police in Miami and the surrounding area tend to see a summer uptick in certain types of theft, including home burglaries, in summer months. One big reason is that so many people go on vacation and leave their homes unattended. Some types of theft are also perceived as ‘warm weather crimes’ — crimes that are more convenient and easier to pull off in warmer months of the year.

Campus Crimes

Campus police in the Miami area look for certain types of crimes relevant to college and university life. Some of these types of crimes do seem to go up in the summer. For example, some university security teams mention higher rates of campus stalking on warm summer nights. Again, that could be because it’s more pleasant to be outdoors in the summer months, in general — but it could also have to do with a more relaxed summer schedule and other factors that have an influence on crime in Miami.

Alcohol-Related Crimes

There is a whole other category of crimes that some Miami criminal defense lawyers and others report seeing a lot of in summer months. Many of these are related to inebriation and alcohol abuse.

These crimes can range from minor nuisance crimes, like public indecency, to more serious ones, like assault. Generally speaking, individuals who have trouble controlling their behavior after a lot of drinking can find themselves in the crosshairs of law enforcement departments.

Other alcohol-related crimes involve transportation. Some law enforcement departments in the area may see higher instances of DUI or auto-related crimes in the summer, due to more partying and drinking in the summer months.

Again, the factors involved are somewhat complex. Vacation schedules may encourage more drinking. Hotter temperatures can drive more people to drink more than they would usually consume. Summer holidays also place a focus on drinking. For instance, it’s not uncommon for police around Miami to institute checkpoints and take particular precautions on the Fourth of July or the weekend before or after that holiday.

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