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5 Most Common Probation Violations

Have you recently plead guilty to or have been convicted of a crime? The best case scenario in situations like this is being given probation. While being on probation is a lot better than going to prison, there are a number of guidelines you have to follow. Failing to follow the strict set of rules Read More

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Violations: What are the Potential Consequences of Probation Violations?

If you violate the terms of your probation, then the judge has the right to sentence you to time in prison for the maximum amount of time you were facing on your original charge. For example, if you received probation for a third degree felony and you violate it, you are facing a possibility of Read More

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Different Probation Violations That Can Land You Behind Bars in Florida

In the state of Florida, a violation of probation takes place when a criminal defendant willfully and substantially violates the conditions of a probationary sentence. In Chapter 948, Florida Statutes, probation is defined as a type of community supervision that requires an offender to maintain certain contacts with parole, probation, community supervision, or other specified Read More

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Tips on Avoiding Probation Violations

Some people mistakenly think that after they are put on probation, their legal problems are over. The fact of the matter is that there are many people each year who face probation violations for a variety of different reasons. With nearly 4.7 million people on probation in the United States, the chance of them violating Read More

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The 7 Basic Types of Probation in Florida

Probation violation (often referred to as violation of probation or VOP) is a serious matter. If you’re convicted of it, you could be sent to – or sent back to – prison. Whenever charged with violation of probation, it’s important to have a highly skilled criminal defense attorney with years of experience in probation violation Read More

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Tips for Succeeding When You Are on Probation

After you have served time in jail or accepted a plea bargain, you may find yourself on probation. There are ways to get through probation without incident. The best piece of advice you can get concerning a probationary period is to follow all of the restrictions set on you, pay all of your dues, and Read More

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Failed to Report to Your Probation Officer, Now What?

Probation violations are serious. By ignoring or refusing your probation obligations, you could find yourself back in jail finishing out the rest of your sentence — and then some. Whether you didn’t report to your probation officer in person or you didn’t check-in over the phone, failing to report may trigger some legal consequences that Read More

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Violating Probation in Miami

In the aftermath of a crime, a defendant accused of that crime who is convicted or agrees to a plea deal will often face a sentence that includes probation. Probation may follow a prison term or may be the sentence itself that allows the defendant to avoid jail time. Probation provides a major stepping stone Read More

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