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5 Most Common Probation Violations

Have you recently plead guilty to or have been convicted of a crime? The best case scenario in situations like this is being given probation. While being on probation is a lot better than going to prison, there are a number of guidelines you have to follow. Failing to follow the strict set of rules that come along with being on probation can lead to you suffering the consequences. If the probation violations are bad enough, it may lead to you being put in prison. The following are just some of the most common probation violations.

Probation Violation #1: Failing to Make an Appointment With Your Probation Officer

For people who have been put on supervised probation, going in and meeting with a probation officer on a monthly basis is essential. Usually, the probation office will want to know about your work status and may even drug test you to ensure you are on the straight and narrow. Failing to make one of these appointments could lead to you violating your probation. If your probation officer reports this to the courts, it could lead to you having a bench warrant issued. Rather than dealing with this problem, you need to do all you can to make your monthly probation meetings. If for some reason you are unable to make the meeting, you need to call well in advance to speak with your probation officer.

Probation Violation #2: Neglecting to Pay Fines of Restitution

The judge in your case may require that you pay fines or restitution to either the state or the victim in your crime. These fines will usually be broken down into monthly installments that you will be obligated to pay by a certain date each month. If you neglect to pay these fines, it could be considered a violation of your probation. Violating your probation will normally result in you having a new charge added to your record. If you are facing a financial hardship that is prohibiting you from paying the restitution, you may need to speak with the judge handling your case to see what can be done.

Probation Violation #3: Visiting the Wrong People Or Places

Often times, people who are put on probation for drug-related crimes are prohibited to go certain places or hang out with certain people. Usually, these stipulations will be in a person’s best interest and will need to be followed to the letter. Being caught in places you are not supposed to be can cause you a lot of additional legal problems. Rather than violating your probation due to being in the wrong place, you need to work on avoiding locations that could lead to you getting in trouble.

Probation Violation #4: Not Having a Job Can Be Problematic

Where you ordered to find a job or enter a work-study program as a stipulation of your probation? If so, you need to follow this order to avoid violating your probation. While it may be a bit difficult to find a job with a felony charge, it is possible.

Probation Violation #5: Committing Another Crime

Among the most serious probation violations is committing another crime. If you are arrested for another crime, it will usually end in your probation being revoked. This means you will probably be spending some time in jail. Steering clear of compromising situations that could get you in more trouble is something you need to be committed to while on probation.

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