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The 7 Basic Types of Probation in Florida

Probation violation (often referred to as violation of probation or VOP) is a serious matter. If you’re convicted of it, you could be sent to – or sent back to – prison.

Whenever charged with violation of probation, it’s important to have a highly skilled criminal defense attorney with years of experience in probation violation cases on your side.

In Florida, there are seven different types of probation, and the kind of probation you’re given depends on the offense of which you’re convicted.

1. Probation

Regular Probation is the most basic form of probation in Florida. When you’re placed on this type of probation, you must adhere to specific conditions set forth by the court and your probation or parole officer.

Generally, you must regularly contact and/or meet with your probation or parole officer to make sure you’re following the guidelines outlined in your probation terms.

2. Administrative Probation

Administrative Probation is similar to regular probation, except generally you’re not required to regularly meet with your probation or parole officer.

3. Community Control Probation

Community Control Probation is more stringent because it requires you to be in supervised custody. You’re released from jail or prison, but you must remain in a specific residential setting. Sometimes, probation or parole officers are responsible for monitoring you.

4. Community Control II Probation

Community Control II Probation is even more restrictive than regular Community Control Probation, as a probation or parole officer must supervise you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Often, residential confinement and even electronic surveillance are included in Community Control II Probation.

5. Sex Offender Probation

Under Sex Offender Probation, if you’re convicted of a sex offense, you must follow a specific treatment plan and be supervised by a surveillance officer.

6. Community Control – Sex Offender

Community Control – Sex Offender situations are similar to Sex Offender Probation in that you must follow a certain treatment plan and be supervised by a surveillance officer; however, you must also submit samples of blood to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Note that, currently, Community Control – Sex Offender situations are specific to people who have committed sex crimes on or after October 1, 1995.

7. Drug Offender Probation

Under Drug Offender Probation, after you’ve served time for a drug offense, you’ll be prescribed a specific treatment program for your substance abuse problem.

You must strictly adhere to this program, and your probation or parole officer with closely monitor you. You’ll also be subject to random drug testing during Drug Offender Probation.

Have You Been Charged With Probation Violation?

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