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Drug Crimes 101: What is the Difference Between Drug Possession and Drug Trafficking?

In the state of Florida, all types of drug crimes are met with severe charges and equally severe consequences for those found guilt. However, there are several offenses that may be difficult to fully understand. The specific substance, the amount a person has, the other items discovered during the search and any statements made by Read More

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6 Common Defenses to Drug Possession Charges that Instantly Make Your Case More Convincing

A conviction for drug possession can change your life forever. In Florida, a conviction for misdemeanor drug possession can cause a defendant to lose his or her driver’s license for a maximum of two years. It is easy to imagine how devastating this can be for someone who needs to drive for work. Because Florida Read More

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What You Can Do About Drug Possession Charges in Florida

It is an offense to possess drugs in any form. Regardless of whether you are manufacturing, distributing, or selling controlled substances of any kind—drug possession charges in Florida come with stiff penalties. You might receive third degree felony charges, even if you only used drugs for personal reasons. The drug laws in the state of Read More

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What Happens if My Car is Seized After a Drug Arrest?

If you have been arrested for a drug crime, then you probably know that your car may be seized by the police. If you were pulled over for any reason—whether you were speeding, driving recklessly, or maybe the police received a call—the police also may want to search the vehicle, especially if they believe you Read More

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What You Need to Know about Drug Arrests in Miami

In Miami, Florida, drug crimes are normally handled with utter seriousness. Florida’s mandatory drug laws are known to be the harshest in the country. Most people consider Miami to be the world’s capital for illegal drugs simply because of its access to waterway. If you are faced with a drug charge in Miami, whether it Read More

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3 Reasons Why Your Drug Arrest is a Felony

If found in possession of “illegal drugs,” one may either be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, which is a more serious charge. The choice of the prosecutor will hugely depend on the type of drug involved (in some cases, possessing a specific type of drug will inevitably lead to felony charges). The circumstances Read More

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Potential Defenses to Your Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession can be a serious charge, especially if you are caught with a significant amount of paraphernalia or illegal substances. Whether you were caught with marijuana, cocaine or another illegal drug, there is no way to talk your way out of it without the assistance of an attorney. An attorney can find the right Read More

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Why is My Drug Arrest a Federal Crime?

If you have been arrested for a crime that involves drugs, you may not understand the severity of your criminal actions. Although many individuals do know that consuming or carrying drugs is illegal, most often don’t understand why they have been charged with a federal offense. One of the biggest differences between federal and state Read More

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What Makes a Drug Charge a Federal Crime?

Being arrested with drugs or because of drugs typically results in a state conviction. But, there are instances where you could be charged with a federal crime, which severely changes the outcome of your case. Not only do federal charges come with longer sentences, but you may be sent to a prison far away from Read More

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Is It a Federal Crime to Travel with Marijuana?

More states are starting to legalize the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. But, if your state has legalized it, can you travel to another state? Can you travel to a state that has legalized it to purchase it and bring it home? The answer in both situations is typically no. Even if the state Read More

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