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Were You the Victim of a Data Breach?

If 2014 taught us anything it is that no one can ever be too prepared for a data breach; from government agencies to retail giants, sensitive personal data was—and still is—under attack. Patches were applied and reactionary measures were implemented, but it is often difficult to recover from a data breach, especially when monetary damages Read More

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4 Common Types of Identity Theft in Florida

Florida has an amazingly high rate of ID-theft complaints per capita. As a matter of fact, nine out of the top ten metropolitan areas for ID-theft complaints are in the state of Florida. The situation is particularly bad in South Florida, which has been the country’s identity theft leader since 2010. And in fact, according Read More

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Identity Fraud Arrests Up in the State of Florida

Less than one month ago, the federal government arrested 42 people in an identity fraud scheme that included names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers stolen and used from more than 1,000 people. The arrests occurred in Miami and followed a ring of participants all in South Florida. Strangely enough, the investigation began because a Read More

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Top 5 Federal Crimes in Florida

Federal crimes are easily misunderstood. And, many individuals are shocked to find that their arrest turns into a federal charge. In order for a crime to be defined as a federal offense, it must meet the terms of United States Code, Title 18. In Florida, some federal crimes are more common than others. If you Read More

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Why is My Drug Arrest a Federal Crime?

If you have been arrested for a crime that involves drugs, you may not understand the severity of your criminal actions. Although many individuals do know that consuming or carrying drugs is illegal, most often don’t understand why they have been charged with a federal offense. One of the biggest differences between federal and state Read More

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Bank Robber Posed on Social Media with Stolen Cash, Gets 12 Years

There’s nothing like sharing your spoils on social media—that is unless you are a bank robber revealing not only the stolen goods, but your identity. A bank robber in Cleveland, Ohio was captured after posting a picture of himself and the stolen money on Instagram, according to Arrested December 2013, Rodney E. Johnson, Jr. Read More

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What Makes a Drug Charge a Federal Crime?

Being arrested with drugs or because of drugs typically results in a state conviction. But, there are instances where you could be charged with a federal crime, which severely changes the outcome of your case. Not only do federal charges come with longer sentences, but you may be sent to a prison far away from Read More

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Is It a Federal Crime to Travel with Marijuana?

More states are starting to legalize the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. But, if your state has legalized it, can you travel to another state? Can you travel to a state that has legalized it to purchase it and bring it home? The answer in both situations is typically no. Even if the state Read More

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What Makes a Crime Federal?

In the United States, there are two types of courts: state and federal. The jurisdiction of federal courts is limited to cases that specifically violate the terms of the Constitution. In most cases, federal courts only hear cases involving: ● Cases that directly involved the United States; ● Cases that involve a violation of the Read More

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Have the Feds Used Subterfuge in Order to Charge You with a Crime?

The FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and other government agencies are capable of efficiently gathering evidence and pursuing their investigations into federal crimes, especially with today’s technology. However, recent reports have shown various situations where the federal government has seemingly overstepped its bounds in attempt to bring suspected criminals to justice. When this has Read More

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