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8 Identity Theft Risks You Should Be Aware of for 2016

We’ve gotten through another holiday season. Shopping was successful—but was it? Often January is a high time to discover that identity theft has been committed when you begin receiving your credit card statements. But, there are things you can do to combat identity theft, and to even avoid it and increase your chances of protection. Read More

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Why Identity Theft Risks Increase Around the Holidays

Consumers spend more time shopping online and in stores around the holiday season more than any other time of year. Many are distracted with the excitement of holiday shopping and busy environments to not notice the possibility of identity theft around the holiday season. Paying attention to the possibility of identity theft around the holiday Read More

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What Should I Do If I Lost or Had My Purse Stolen in Florida?

Theft crime in Florida is an unfortunate and very frightening reality. Let’s say you reach for your purse or wallet to pay for a great new purchase… Except you realize it isn’t there. You may feel completely panicked for a moment when you realize that your purse and wallet—and all of its contents—are missing. Maybe Read More

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Are You Risking Your Identity By Making This Scary Travel Mistake?

Traveling can be both a fun and stressful experience. Whether you are traveling for the holidays, or just a getaway vacation, people typically put a lot of planning and effort into their travel plans. And what is something most have to do to chronicle any exciting vacation, show off their beach selfies… Frequent Flyer Risks. Read More

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What Puts You at Risk for Identity Theft?

Even though there are things that you may be doing every day to put yourself at risk for the headache of identity theft, there are also steps you can take to prevent it… Where is the Blame? When identity theft occurs, all your personal details have become compromised and easily available to others. This means Read More

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What is Automated Robbery?

At one time in the past, you could only find ATM machines on the premises of financial institutions. Today, this has changed considerably. Now, you can find an ATM machine, just about anywhere – in shopping malls, airports, grocery stores, corner store, gas stations, night clubs and even casinos. You can even find mobile ATM Read More

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How Can an Attorney Help with Identity Theft?

An estimated 9 million people in the United States are victims of identity theft each year. This type of theft can cause problems that will linger for years. It can damage your credit and reputation, forcing you to forgo some of life’s biggest decisions like getting a good job, finding an apartment or buying a Read More

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4 Smart Strategies to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Identity theft can happen to anyone at any time. Scary, isn’t it? Not only is it scary, it’s also creepy. It can occur when you use a credit card at your favorite restaurant or even at the gas station. Not only is it scary, it’s also creepy. It goes without saying that we all need Read More

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Arrested for Identity Theft: What Charges Will I Face?

Identity theft is a broad category of the law that can include everything from stealing a person’s identity to taking personal information and even hacking someone’s social media account. The consequences of identity theft are just as broad as the category. The punishment depends not only on the type of data stolen but how that Read More

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Bank Robber Posed on Social Media with Stolen Cash, Gets 12 Years

There’s nothing like sharing your spoils on social media—that is unless you are a bank robber revealing not only the stolen goods, but your identity. A bank robber in Cleveland, Ohio was captured after posting a picture of himself and the stolen money on Instagram, according to Arrested December 2013, Rodney E. Johnson, Jr. Read More

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