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4 Smart Strategies to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Identity theft can happen to anyone at any time. Scary, isn’t it? Not only is it scary, it’s also creepy. It can occur when you use a credit card at your favorite restaurant or even at the gas station. Not only is it scary, it’s also creepy.

It goes without saying that we all need to take important steps in preventing identity theft. Here are four strategies that will help you keep your financial and personal identity secure.

1. Safe Sites

Even authentic companies that most people entrust with their sensitive personal information can easily expose users to great risk. Always be cautious when entering your personal information online and be sure to only use secure websites.

Make it a routine to always key in the web address of your credit card, bank, and other financial relationship companies just to make sure that you do accidentally follow a bad link or to a phony lookalike site.

2. Use Cards with Chips

If you are still using the same card you have had for several years, then you may be due for an upgrade. Many banks today are getting on board with producing cards with computer chips as opposed to magnetic strips. Credit cards with computer chips are much less vulnerable to theft through hacking.

3. Use Temporary Cards

There are specific companies that offer a free service that allows cardholders to use temporary card numbers for a much safer online shopping experience. A temporary card number that is valid for a particular purchase or for a limited time frame can be created; after which the temporary card number will become invalid. Even if anyone manages to steal it, the temporary account information will no longer be linked to your account or any of your sensitive personal information.

4. Shred the Junk

Most individuals never consider junk mail a security susceptibility. However, every year identities are stolen simply because people throw away mail from banks and credit card companies without shredding them. Some consumers have started to take the right steps by cutting up all these documents, but forget the second and most important step: disposing those pieces in different trash cans.

Identity thieves WILL go that extra step and troll through the trash looking for people—just like you—who have ripped up junk mail. Simply get into the habit of shredding anything that may contain sensitive personal information about you or even your finances, even if you think it’s junk mail.

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