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If Charged with a Crime Choose Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Carefully

If you are in need of a Miami criminal lawyer, it is important that you choose your legal representative carefully. Too often someone who is charged with a crime is found guilty due to the fact that they have legal counsel that is inadequate, inexperienced, and/or ineffective. Case in Point On October 28, 2014, the Read More

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Arrest Quota Concerns in Miami

Presently, the Miami Police Department is investigating reports that an enforcement officer has ordered arrest quotas in Little Haiti. It has now been reported in various blogs that “Miami Police Sgt. Jason Ferguson appears to instruct five of his subordinate officers to each conduct ‘a minimum’ of five tickets, ‘1-2 arrests,’ and ‘5-10 Watch orders Read More

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Miami’s Big Money Team Hit with Racketeering, Gun, and Drug Charges

Known as the Big Money Team, this powerful Miami gang has spent years involving themselves in cocaine, marijuana, guns, and prostitution. But, the Big Money Team wasn’t that big after Wednesday, October 8th. In fact, a federal indictment charged seventeen members of the Big Money Team for their terrorization of the Little Havana and Allapattah Read More

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Mother Faces Murder Charges in the Deaths of Her Two Children

A Tampa woman, Julie Schenecker, a former U.S. Army sergeant, has been charged with the murder of her 13-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter. This sad criminal law case has made the news throughout Florida from the panhandle to Miami. The defendant was a so called “soccer mom” who had retired from the military to raise Read More

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Sealing and Expunging Records in Miami-Dade

Many people who have previously been arrested but not convicted of a crime can nevertheless have that arrest record haunt their lives in many ways. It can hurt their job search, can result in denial of a mortgage or a lease to rent an apartment, or could hinder them in obtaining credit. Employers and bank Read More

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Molly – the Drug – Causes a Stir

One of the major new drugs that is appearing all over Miami is known as “Molly.” Molly is an illegal stimulant that has become a highly popular party drug. Molly, short for “molecular,” traditionally was made with a drug known MDMA, which is the active ingredient in Ecstasy. The Molly drug that is most commonly Read More

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News on Ultra Fest Arrests

Two Dozen Arrested At Day 2 Of Ultra Music Festival MIAMI (CBSMiami) –The rain started pouring on the second night of Ultra Music Festival, but it didn’t stop the party or the people trying to get into it any way they could. Several people jumped the fences surrounding the festival, but not everyone made. Several Read More

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Public Debate Rages Over Strict Sentencing Rules

For decades debate has raged over how much flexibility should exist in criminal sentencing. Some argued that strict sentencing guidelines are necessary, while others counsel for flexible rules that permit judges to determine sentences based primarily on the facts of the case at hand. In fact, a pending U.S. Supreme Court case about Florida’s limit Read More

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Five Things to Keep in Mind When Arrested in Miami

When you are arrested in Miami, South Florida, or anywhere else in the country, the police are required under the U.S. Constitution to give you certain rights. Some of the most important rights stem from the Fifth Amendment, often referred to as you Miranda rights. It is critical to understand how these protections play into Read More

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