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Miami’s Big Money Team Hit with Racketeering, Gun, and Drug Charges

Known as the Big Money Team, this powerful Miami gang has spent years involving themselves in cocaine, marijuana, guns, and prostitution. But, the Big Money Team wasn’t that big after Wednesday, October 8th. In fact, a federal indictment charged seventeen members of the Big Money Team for their terrorization of the Little Havana and Allapattah areas.

The team was known for threatening witnesses to their crimes, engaging in armed robberies, carjacking, and even assaulting locals. They claimed the territory as their own, and operated it as such. They even bragged about their conquests and crimes on social media, and offered drugs for sale via text messages.

Eventually Miami’s Police Chief had enough, and requested federal assistance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Once the members of the Big Money Team were rounded up, they were charged with a very rare federal crime, known as violent crime in aid of racketeering.

These charges come with much harsher penalties than any local court could bring down, including ten years to life in prison. While all seventeen members of the Big Money Team were indicted, only fourteen have actually been arrested and three are still at large as of October 8, 2014. Four defendants already charged have also pleaded guilty.

What Type of Punishment are BMT Members looking at?

Aside from ten years to life, members of the Big Money Team could face serious charges of drug trafficking, which in itself could be up to fifteen years or mandatory life sentence if caught with over 150 kilograms of cocaine.

But, because the members are also being charged with violent crimes for their assaults, armed robberies, and possible homicides, they are facing much more serious consequences.

Is it fair to use a Seldom-Used Federal Charge?

This seldom-used federal charge, “violent crime in aid of racketeering” is a serious charge to face. Not only is it rarely used by the courts, which means Miami criminal defense lawyer could have difficulty negotiating lighter terms, but the punishments could be much more severe than the defendants may realize.

Protect Your Rights

If you are a member of the Big Money Team or you are facing federal charges in the Miami area, you need a premium defense attorney by your side.

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