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Will My Juvenile Charges Follow Me as an Adult?

Things that take place in juvenile court do not necessarily stay there. When a teenager has a delinquent record, it can follow them throughout their lives. So making a mistake as an unruly teenager can follow and impact your adult life. When a teenager goes through the juvenile system, their criminal record can consist of: Read More

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A Quick Guide to Expungement

An expungement can remove a criminal record, which can make it easier to get a job, obtain living arrangements or even apply for a home loan. But, just because you are eligible to have something expunged doesn’t mean it will be approved nor does it mean everything will be miraculously erased from your criminal record. Read More

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Criminal Record Expungement and Getting a Job: What You Need to Know

A criminal record can hold you back from a lot. But, one of the biggest things a criminal record can destroy is your career. In fact, you may have difficulty even finding an entry-level position if you have a criminal record. But there is some good news. In some cases, you may be able to Read More

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Expunging a Criminal Record – Start Clean in 2015

A criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your life. It can make it difficult to find a job, obtain housing or even advance in your present career. Luckily, Florida law allows a person to expunge their criminal arrest record as long as it meets the necessary requirements. Why Expunge? How it Can Read More

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Expungement: Do You Qualify in the State of Florida?

Criminal records can follow you around for the rest of your life—and the dire consequences can impact the quality of your life. Regardless of when you were arrested or convicted in your life, that single record can make it next to impossible to secure a job, join the military or even qualify purchasing a primary Read More

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Sealing and Expunging Records in Miami-Dade

Many people who have previously been arrested but not convicted of a crime can nevertheless have that arrest record haunt their lives in many ways. It can hurt their job search, can result in denial of a mortgage or a lease to rent an apartment, or could hinder them in obtaining credit. Employers and bank Read More

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