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3 Most Common Theft Crime Arrests

The term “theft” is a broad category. For something to be considered a theft, the other party must have taken someone’s property without permission or intended to deprive someone of their own property permanently. The extent of what was stolen, however, can determine the charge and consequences. Criminal lawyers in Miami see all types of Read More

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Public Debate Rages Over Strict Sentencing Rules

For decades debate has raged over how much flexibility should exist in criminal sentencing. Some argued that strict sentencing guidelines are necessary, while others counsel for flexible rules that permit judges to determine sentences based primarily on the facts of the case at hand. In fact, a pending U.S. Supreme Court case about Florida’s limit Read More

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What Crimes Are Common in Miami?

The most violent and horrific crimes often make the news, but these crimes are very rare compared to many other more commonplace crimes. Criminal defense lawyers in Miami are far more likely to see burglaries, theft, or other property crimes than assault and battery, murder, or rape. Crime Statistics in Miami In Miami, the three Read More

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