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3 Most Common Theft Crime Arrests

The term “theft” is a broad category. For something to be considered a theft, the other party must have taken someone’s property without permission or intended to deprive someone of their own property permanently. The extent of what was stolen, however, can determine the charge and consequences.

Criminal lawyers in Miami see all types of theft cases, but there are three types that are more common charged than others.

Petty Theft

The lowest level of theft is referred to as petit theft or petty theft. This usually occurs when the property stolen has a retail value of less than $100 for petit theft of the second degree. For petit theft of the first degree, the property value must be worth more than $100, but less than $300. While these are often minor offenses, the individual being charged with this type of theft could still face up to one year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. Read More..

Identity Theft

Unfortunately, identity theft is a growing crime for the entire country, and, unfortunately, Florida is not immune. Identity crimes come in all forms—from “dumpster diving” to mail theft to cyber crimes. Identity theft, depending on the means and amounts were stolen, could remain at the state level or be turned over to the federal courts. Read More..

Grand Theft

Grand theft is considered a felony and ranges from first to third degrees. These involve direct theft of high-value property and come with serious penalties that many offenders are unaware. In fact, grand theft of the first degree can result in up to thirty years of imprisonment and fines of up to $10,000. Read More..

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