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Tough White Collar Crime Laws against Elderly in Florida

The State of Florida has enacted new laws that make white collar crimes against the elderly—especially when perpetrated against numerous victims—a serious, level nine crime.

Such felonies carry stiff fines, up to $500,000 or twice the gain or loss of the perpetrator or victim, with those who are convicted liable for court costs and restitution. If you have been arrested for a white collar crime contact an experienced Florida federal criminal lawyer.

Aggravated White Collar Crime

The new law is termed “aggravated white collar crime.” An individual would be guilty of such crimes if he or she engages in a minimum of “two white collar crimes that have the same or similar intents, results, accomplices, victims, or methods of commission, or that are otherwise interrelated by distinguishing characteristics and are not isolated incidents, provided that at least one of such crimes occurred after the effective date of this act.”

Such crimes are often perpetuated on the elderly. Included are crimes that utilize the Internet, Money Transmitter’s Codes, forgery and counterfeiting, and other such crimes. Also noted in the law are crimes “relating to abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elderly persons and disabled adults.”

Serious Charges

If you are arrested for an aggravated white collar crime in the local area, contact a Miami criminal lawyer immediately. Such charges are very serious and are aggressively pursued by prosecutors. Always remember that you are considered to be innocent until proven guilty and that you must be found guilty according to clear and convincing evidence.

Get Help Quickly

Too many defendants wait too long to call a criminal lawyer for help. Sometimes they delay calling because they feel the evidence is too weak for a case, and they will be released quickly.

Often times a defendant knows he or she is innocent and he or she expects law enforcement to eventually realize this. A defendant also thinks that by cooperating with police and even by relinquishing his or her rights, that he or she will be freed.

Of course, in reality any delay in contacting a lawyer will result in just the opposite: Law enforcement does not want to release you quickly, they will not suddenly realize that you’re innocent, and cooperating can greatly compromise your case.

The plain and simple truth is that you need to get a lawyer as soon as charges are levied against you. A savvy, sold, and successful criminal lawyer will meet with you in a timely manner, review your case, advise you as to your options, and be with you during all interrogations as well as throughout the legal process.

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What to Look for in a Defense Lawyer

You want to consider certain attributes when choosing your defense lawyer. How successful are they in defending those charged in criminal cases?

Are they familiar with your type of case and have they done well in either getting such charges dropped, cases dismissed, or clients acquitted?

Be Careful in Choosing Your Florida White Collar Criminal Attorney

White collar crime carries very harsh sentences. Depending on the type and nature of the crime, you could be responsible for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution, as well as even sentenced to years in prison.

White collar crime charges lead to extremely complex cases, and if they involve large sums of money and multiple offenses, then the government will prosecute them vociferously.

If you have questions concerning white collar crime or have been accused of such, contact criminal lawyer Miami at the Law Offices of Paul J. Donnelly P.A.; we can help. Call us at 305-757-3331 for a FREE review of your case now.

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