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Can You Go to Jail for Receiving Something Stolen?

If you are found in possession of stolen property, did you know you could be charged with a crime?

But, this crime is not as harsh as other related crimes, such as burglary or larceny, because you were not the individual that stole the property. That being said, if police arrest you for receiving stolen property, you could still face serious consequences, but only if you knew the property was stolen when you received it.

The Burden of Proof

The police and prosecutors must prove that you knew the property was stolen in order to charge you with the receipt of stolen property. In most cases, this is not easy.

If, however, you purchased a TV from the back of someone’s vehicle, you should have known it was stolen and the prosecutors will argue such. These are “should have known” situations.

In these types of situations, the prosecutors must show that you had a reasonable suspicion the property was stolen and you accepted it anyway. By purchasing the item, while knowing it was stolen, you are continuing the crime.

Possessing Stolen Goods without Knowing

If you are caught possessing stolen goods, but did not know they were stolen, you have not committed a crime. But, if you discover that the products were stolen after receiving them, and continue to keep the item after knowing, you could be charged.

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What are the Penalties if Found Guilty?

The penalties depend on several factors, including your own criminal history, the amount of goods that were found in your possession, etc. But, some penalties you could face for receiving stolen goods can include:

• Fines
• Jail time
• Restitution to the party that owned the stolen goods
• Probation

Consult with a Criminal Defense lawyer

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