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6 Common Crimes to Watch Out for This Year

The holiday season is filled with wonder, joy, goodwill, and peace on Earth—right? It is also a chaotic and high time of year for crime…

Before hitting the stores, traveling for the holidays to visit family, or even having large parties at home, here are some common crimes to watch out for this holiday season.

1. Driving Under the Influence: It is a proven fact that the holiday season is known for an increase in accidents across the state of Florida (and the entire country!). And alcohol is probably the biggest culprit. Since more people are apt to attend parties, claim to only have “one drink”, and then attempt to drive home, this means more DUI-related accidents, incidents, and even deaths.

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2. Robbery and Shoplifting: What’s the high-ticket item this year? The new iPhone 6S? Beats headphones? Or a Fitbit? Every year there are always those “hot items” that everyone wants. As a result, some of those items really ARE “hot”—in that they have been stolen. The holiday season is a huge time of year for robbery and shoplifting.

3. Auto Theft: The amount of thefts and break-ins increase during the holiday season. If a criminal sees a GPS, cell phone, computer, or other valuable item in your vehicle, they may break in. Lock your car! Always keep your valuables hidden and avoid keeping presents and expensive items in your vehicle while out and about shopping. Another tip: make sure your vehicle is properly insured!

4. Purse and Credit Card Theft: Criminals also stake out shops looking for purses and wallets left unattended. Shoppers sometimes leave purses and other valuables in carts and strollers and pay little attention to them while browsing the aisles. Always be aware of your valuables! Also, although credit cards with digital chips make them more secure, many of us still have cards with magnetic stripes. Thieves can steal the card’s payment information when a card is physically swiped at a register. Check your accounts often and be on the lookout for any fraudulent activity.

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5. Seasonal Scams: Every holiday season also involves a number of common scams—from email to fake charities. Even though it’s easy to get into the holiday spirit and bring kind and warm thoughts to your community, it’s also important to be mindful of possible scams…

6. Deck the Halls with Domestic Violence: This might be one of the most shocking crimes that increase around the holidays. But why? The stress behind gift giving, celebrations, parties, traveling, and even spending more time with family can cause more violent outbreaks at home, which can turn a wonderful holiday season into a violent nightmare…

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