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What are the Weapons Charges in Florida?

Florida heavily regulates the use of firearms. And, to make sure that citizens follow those laws, they have regulations for how they are obtained, carried, and even used. These laws can include things like gun carrying, permits, etc.

Minors and the Use of Firearms

A minor cannot legally possess a firearm without parental consent. Even then, an adult must supervise the minor. Acceptable uses of firearms for minors can include legal hunting or for target shooting purposes.

Florida has strict laws because they want to protect minors from unnecessary gun violence and accidents. An arms dealer that chooses to sell a weapon to a minor could face a second degree felony.

If you own a gun and have a child under the age of 16, you are legally responsible to keep that gun out of his or her possession. If he or she were to obtain or retrieve it, you could be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor for failing to prevent the child from retrieving the weapon.

Exhibiting Weapons Improperly

You need a valid permit to carry your gun in public, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to brandish the firearm. You may be charged with a first degree misdemeanor if you display your firearm even if you have a permit. Also, the penalties can increase if you show your firearm or carry it in areas where it is illegal, such as on school premises.

Defacing a Gun is a Crime

Every gun on the market has a model, make, and identification number (serial number). Removing any of this information to make a gun identifiable is a third degree felony.

If you knowingly sell or possess a gun without proper identification, then you are committing a first-degree misdemeanor.

Not Reporting Gunshot Wounds

While you might think you will be in trouble for reporting a gunshot wound, you are in more trouble if you choose not to. Regardless of how the gunshot occurred, you need treatment and failure to report treatment could be considered a first degree misdemeanor.

Being Charged with a Gun Crime? Contact a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

If you were arrested or you are being charged with a weapons-related crime in Florida, there are tough punishments you could be facing. It is imperative you contact a Miami criminal defense attorney that understands these types of cases.

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