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What Does Cyber Crime Mean for Your Identity?

When most people think of “cyber crime“, they envision a sinister, secretive network of hackers who infiltrate the computer systems of banks and massive corporations to steal money or valuable data.

In reality, cybercrime and identity theft is a big – and growing – problem that police and prosecutors have begun to take even more seriously.

Furthermore, cyber crime is not something reserved for big-time hacker collectives. These crimes also occur at a local level, and the punishments are severe.

It is important to always take steps to mitigate these risks because they could cost you your life. Visit a Miami white collar crime attorney for more information.

Cyber Crime is On the Rise

Cyber crimes have risen to the forefront of social discussion and consciousness in recent years. As people rely more and more on computers and social media to interact with friends, do work, and conduct business transactions, police are increasingly focused on cracking down on people who use the Internet to commit theft.

In 2014, a cyber security breach was splashed across headlines around the world when hackers broke into the computer network at Sony Pictures Entertainment to illegally retrieve emails and important data. The hackers also uploaded a virus to Sony’s computers.

In 2015, another group of hackers published the names of thousands of people registered at Canada-based dating website, Ashley Madison, which encourages its customers to engage in infidelity. Read more about the cyberattacks on Ashley Madison here.

Although the Sony and Ashley Madison hacks involved a specific kind of cyber crime, it was really just one category among a wide range of Internet-related criminal offenses. These types of stories make big news, but cybercrimes are not restricted to massive global hacking schemes.

On a fundamental level, a cyber crime occurs any time an individual uses a computer to carry out a criminal offense. Cyber crimes range from cyber stalking and identity theft to credit card fraud and even Internet crimes against children.

What Does the Future Have in Store?

In the future, technology experts say cyber crimes will also be carried out through ordinary household devices like smartphones, desktop computers, and even smart TVs.

Because these devices are computers at their core, they are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. They are also at risk for viruses, which can be attached to third party apps and software updates.

Furthermore, most of these devices do not run antivirus software, which leaves them particularly at risk for data theft.

Read more about cyber crimes and Smart TVs here.

Fighting Back Against Cyber Criminals

In recent years, crimes carried out online have jumped dramatically. According to a Forbes report, these types of offenses cost businesses between $400 and $500 billion every year. As a result, banks, insurance companies, and other businesses have begun to invest millions of dollars into protecting their data.

Unlike traditional criminal offenses, cyber crimes can happen with relative anonymity and at instantaneous speeds. With a computer and an internet connection, a cyber thief can steal information, dip into someone’s bank account, take over an individual’s identity, or exploit a child.

In response, the FBI and police departments across the country have created special units designed to catch cyber criminals. The FBI gathers information about cyber criminals and shares it with police departments around the nation. Learn more about the FBI and cyber crime here.

Cyber Crime and Miami White Collar Crime Attorneys

Because cyber crime is a rapidly evolving area of law, not all police departments and prosecutors are well-trained in this area. For this reason, cyber crime cases are particularly prone to false accusations and evidence mistakes.

If you have been charged with identity theft or another type of Internet crime, then you may be feeling scared, confused, and unsure about what to do next. It is very important to work with Miami white collar crime attorneys who understand this area of law.

Visit here to find out how a Miami white collar crime attorney can help you.


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