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Top 5 White Collar Crimes

The term “white collar” refers to a large variety of crimes, but most of them involve deceit rather than violence. These crimes are often financially motivated and while they are not physically harmful, they come with serious consequences. The five most common types of white collar crimes include embezzlement, tax evasion, money laundering, securities fraud, and fraud.

Securities Fraud

Insider trading is a common form of securities fraud. Providing inside information about a company’s financial status for investments or securities trades is a federal crime. Another type of securities fraud involves misleading potential investors as a way to lure them into giving company money.


Fraud is a general category of crime that may be charged as a federal or state offense, depending on the circumstances of that crime. But, fraud is a crime that involves monetary gain and may involve cheating another person out of their money.


Embezzlement is not just for Fortune 500 companies. In fact, many small businesses suffer from embezzlement, too. Embezzlement is the taking of funds from someone whom owes a level of duty to a company. For example, a business owner siphoning funds from employee retirement accounts into his or her personal account.

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is a criminal offense. Avoiding taxes is a federal crime that is rarely innocent. It can involve not filing tax returns to filing false information on a tax return to transferring funds or property to avoid paying taxes. Businesses and individuals can commit tax evasion and the evasion does not have to involve millions of dollars to be considered a crime.

Money Laundering

Even with the latest advances from the mint, money laundering is still possible. By illegally obtaining money through methods that appear legitimate, a person is committing laundering.

Arrested for a White Collar Crime? You Need an Expert

White collar crimes are often charged as federal offenses, which means not any attorney can represent your case. In the federal courts, you need an attorney that understands federal procedure and can help protect your rights.

Whether you are being charged with money laundering, embezzlement or even fraud, let the team of experienced lawyers at the Law Office of Paul J. Donnelly, P.A. represent your case. We offer aggressive representation, so call us now at 305-757-3331 for a free consultation.

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