Stalking is the unwanted, repeat pursuit of another person. This typically involves a pattern of behavior exhibited by a person that may threaten or harass another. While you may not intentionally “stalk” someone, they may feel threatened by your presence, which means you could be arrested and charged for stalking.

There are certain acts that can be used to arrest you for stalking – even if you did them unintentionally. While most people know that they are stalking a person, it is still important to know the top five ways to get yourself arrested for this serious crime.

Showing Up

If you continue to follow and show up where someone is, this can constitute stalking. That means driving by their home, showing up at their work, showing up at the park, etc. While there are those coincidental moments, if you frequently show up where the person is beyond a reasonable amount, it could be used against you.

Unwanted Forms of Communication

From texting to calling or even emailing, if a person tells you to stop and you continue to contact them, you could be charged with stalking. Even if your messages are harmless and non-threatening, communicating after being told to stop is a violation of that person’s privacy.

Surveilling a Person

Monitoring that person’s phone calls, taping them or even using hidden cameras in their home can result in a stalking charge as well as other charges. Even hiring a private investigator to surveil a person or going through their garbage can be considered stalking.

Threatening or Assaulting a Person

If you threaten or physically assault a person, you are aware of what you are doing. But, if you do so while committing other stalking-like actions, you could be charged with a more severe crime.

Vandalizing Property

Whether you vandalize their home, vehicle or another piece of personal property, vandalism could instill fear in a person – and also be part of a stalking charge.

Arrested for Stalking? You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being arrested or charged with stalking is not a light matter. This arrest could stay with you for the rest of your life and even make it impossible to get a job or apartment. You cannot risk going to jail for a crime you didn’t commit.

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