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How to Avoid a DUI Charge in Miami

It is easy—and unfortunate—that too many people go out to a dinner, party or visit a friend at their house and overindulge in too many alcoholic beverages. Sometimes one might go out without expecting to drink, and then later find themselves in trouble with the law with a DUI charge.

Law enforcement in the state of Florida—and throughout the United States—takes a vigilant approach to manning the roadways for people that drink and drive. Read more about DUI laws in the state of Florida.

Here are some ways you can easily avoid a DUI charge in Miami…and even how you might be able to fight back with a Miami DUI defense attorney.

The Dangers

A Miami DUI defense attorney knows the dangers of drinking and driving because of the various cases that cross their desks. But do YOU? How can people avoid being added to the DUI statistics, possibly causing death or injury to one or more individuals or even themselves? Read on or visit here to read more about working with a Miami DUI defense attorney.

Assign Designated Driver: If you are going out with a friend, family member or significant other, then be sure to arrange for a designed driver. This is one of the easiest things to do to avoid a DUI, and accident, and even the life of another.

Public Transportation: A Miami DUI defense attorney will probably recommend taking public transportation such as a bus or call a taxi cab. If you can get to the subway or train station, that too, is wise or you could have a friend or the taxi driver take you to the train or bus station, if you live too far away. These are safe and affordable ways to get home without being charged with a DUI.

Using a Breathalyzer: If you are driving under the influence and a police officer pulls you over, then you will be tested with a breathalyzer for overconsumption of alcohol—over the legal limit.

However, you can refuse the breathalyzer test, but you would likely be arrested and making this choice can count against you should you decide to fight any DUI charges later…

Check into a Hotel: If you find yourself too intoxicated to drive, why not check into a hotel? If you are unable to reach the hotel or it is too far away, then ask friends if you could crash at their place—even if this means you have to sleep on their sofa with their cat. Most good friends will oblige. If not, then ask a friend or another to drive you home.

Beware of the Buzz: Be disciplined with your drinking. And, remember, everyone processes alcohol differently. While three or four drinks may not affect one person, one drink could easily affect another. You know your body and what you can tolerate. Keep an eye on how many drinks you are having. While it’s easy to forget about how many drinks you’ve had, stop as soon as you feel yourself getting a buzz.

Check out the Florida DMV site to learn more about DUI laws in the state of Florida.

Why You Should Know the DUI Laws in Florida…and How You Can Work with a Miami DUI Defense Attorney

It is also important to know Florida DUI laws. A Miami DUI defense attorney sees clients make this mistake all too often. If you don’t take the time to learn Florida DUI laws, then how will you know your rights?

However, a Miami DUI defense attorney can assist you. A Miami DUI defense attorney understands the risks associated with drinking and driving. If you do get in trouble with the police on a DUI charge, visit Paul J. Donnelly for full legal representation.


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